Khloe Kardashian Plastic Surgery Rumors

One of the types of news we like to emphasize here on our Plastic Surgery Articles blog is celebrity surgery news! I want to emphasize that we’re not here to shame celebrities who get plastic surgery. We think it’s great! We’re also not here to out those celebrities.

Discussing Celebrity Plastic Surgery

What we’d like to do instead is simply use whatever celebrity plastic surgery rumor is going around as a baseline for a discussion of plastic surgery. For example, you may have heard about the rumors circulating around Khloe Kardashian. She has a new show premiering soon, called Revenge Body. The premise of the show is that Khloe has turned into something of a fitness guru.

But there are rumors she’s gotten extensive plastic surgery—mainly, liposuction. This brings up questions about fitness and surgery. Is it possible to be authentically fit while still getting liposuction, is the question.

The answer is as surprising as it is simple: yes.

Fitness and Fat

And that’s mostly because the human body is weird. Looks, let’s say that you spent months or years getting yourself into peak physical condition. You eat right, you exercise regularly (and vigorously). Your body might still stubbornly hang on to some areas of fat. And you might think these areas of fat are unsightly or, at the very least, undermine all of your efforts.

The truth of the matter is that it’s nearly impossible to get rid of these stubborn areas of fat with diet or exercise. Your body just tends to hang on to all that material no matter what you do. So the only way to get rid of that fat is with liposuction. That’s why it not uncommon for liposuction patients to already be quite fit. In fact, many surgeons prefer that liposuction patients are near their ideal weight.

Liposuction for Celebrities

So if indeed Khloe Kardashian got some work done before her new show, she’s in line with millions of other patients who have used liposuction in order to finally get rid of those stubborn areas of fat—and end up with the fantastic and fabulous bodies they always wanted!


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