What’s in a Mommy Makeover?

Plastic surgeons, you may have noticed, are pretty adept at naming things. The “Vampire Facelift” is proof enough of that. But those names sometimes require a little more explanation and depth than is common. For example, what’s in a mommy makeover? It’s a good question, and one that bears answering. After all, the words “mommy makeover” could mean just about anything.

Because, let’s face it, it’s not like motherhood really leaves any particular part of your body intact. But there are some common areas that pregnancy and motherhood tend to damage more than others. Not coincidentally, those are the areas that mommy makeovers tend to favor.

Procedures Covered by a Mommy Makeover

Let’s take a look:

  • Breast Sag: The breasts take something of a beating during motherhood, thanks in large part to the strains of nursing and expressing milk. The breasts can either “deflate” or become larger than desired, depending on the individual. Additionally, the breasts can start to sag significantly. That’s why many times a breast lift is included as part of a mommy makeover.
  • Stubborn areas of fat: The human body likes to hang on to fat. That’s just a fact of life. That can be especially true if you happen to be a mother. Sometimes, the only solution is to simply remove or mitigate that fat. Liposuction is a great way to do that. In fact, often, liposuction is the only way to get rid of these stubborn areas of fat (they tend to resist diet and exercise-based remedies).
  • Areas of excess skin: Pregnancy tends to pull and stretch, and the skin doesn’t always bounce back. That’s why women who have been pregnant often have significant amounts of excess skin around the tummy area. The solution for this is usually a tummy tuck procedure. A tummy tuck can return the belly area to a more youthful, more fit look. The skin will look tighter and the abdominal muscles will look a little more structured.

Not Just for Mothers—But Preferred by Them?

To be sure, a mommy makeover isn’t only for mothers. Sure, what’s in a mommy makeover is comprised primarily of procedures designed to treat issues that mothers commonly complain about. But sagging breasts, stubborn fat, and excess skin are also simply signs of aging. It’s just that mommy makeovers tend to speed up the process a bit.

So if you want to learn more about the procedures included with a mommy makeover, you should talk to a surgeon. You can talk about these procedures individually or all at once—just the same as how you can have them performed. Either way, talking to a surgeon is a great place to start!


What Do You Want to Change About Your Nose?

It might sound a little counter-intuitive, but most people who want a nose job actually like their noses. That’s true with plastic surgery across the board. People like most everything. They just want to tweak one or two things. So when most people talk about getting a nose job, they aren’t actually looking to change the entire nose.

Instead, they just want to change something about the nose. And there are plenty of targets. Many patients who consult for rhinoplasty procedures point to at least one of the following:

  • The bridge of the nose (either it’s too thin or too thick)
  • A lump on the bridge of the nose
  • A drooping tip (especially when one smiles)
  • A tip that is too far upturned
  • Nostrils that flare too widely

When Should You Consider Rhinoplasty?

This does not preclude the possibility, of course, that some patients will indeed want to change several features of the nose. However, that’s not the most common case. More commonly, patients want to address only one of these features.

Typically, patients will seek out rhinoplasty when they feel as though their noses are drawing attention away from their other features. Remember that the face is all about proportions—the cheeks in proportion to the lips in proportion to the eyes, and so on. But the nose has the potential to throw those proportions off.

And so when those proportions are thrown into doubt, it can feel like people are staring at your nose. If that’s the case, then it might be time to consider getting a nose job.

People also consider getting rhinoplasty when:

  • They suffer a broken nose or other nose trauma
  • They can finally afford an aesthetic rhinoplasty procedure
  • They suffer bullying or other mental trauma due to the nose
  • They make a decision to change the nose
  • They finally see what a nose job can actually change

If you want to know what a nose job might be able to change when it comes to your own nasal area, there’s plenty more information out there on what rhinoplasty can alter. It never hurts to do some more research!

Are Small Nipples the Next Big Thing?

Among the latest “big trends” for the next year, we’ve heard rumblings that small nipples might be up there. Now, we’re all familiar with breast augmentation—a procedure designed to make the breasts appear larger. But making the nipple smaller seems like a rather novel procedure. We should probably talk about what’s involved and why someone might want to get a nipple change.

Now, this nipple surgery is not the same thing as the kind of nipple reconstruction that accompanies reconstructive breast surgery (the type of surgery one might get after a double mastectomy). They’re incredibly different procedures! We’re going to focus on cosmetic nipple surgery.

Why Get Nipple Surgery?

Nipple surgery might seem like it’s incredibly shallow or vain. After all, how many people actually see your nipples? Is it unrealistic to expect even the most private parts of your body to appear absolutely beautiful all the time? Well, yes. And if you feel comfortable with your nipples, you should not feel compelled to, somehow, improve them.

But not everyone feels comfortable with the way their nipples look, no matter how many people (or who) might see them. Because, importantly, you see them. Patients will get nipple surgery for a wide variety of reasons, including the following:

  • Patients might feel uncomfortable because of inverted nipples
  • Enlarged nipples due to breastfeeding children
  • Drooping nipples due to age or breastfeeding
  • Discomfort caused by the interaction of clothing and larger nipples
  • General aesthetic preferences

Indeed, the motivations behind nipple surgery often center on retrieving a more youthful look for the patient. They want their nipples (as with the breasts) to look more like they did in their youths. In that way, nipple surgery is not terribly different than many other forms of surgery.

How is Nipple Surgery Performed

Most nipple surgery procedures tend to be minimally invasive, with only small changes made to each nipple. However, each patient will be different. That means it depends on what the patient’s primary issue is and the best way to solve it.

In other words, the best way to find out if you’re the right candidate for something like nipple surgery is to talk to a surgeon. Most surgeons offer confidential and (maybe more importantly) complimentary consultations. So if you want nipple surgery, that type of consultation is the right place to start!

Khloe Kardashian Plastic Surgery Rumors

One of the types of news we like to emphasize here on our Plastic Surgery Articles blog is celebrity surgery news! I want to emphasize that we’re not here to shame celebrities who get plastic surgery. We think it’s great! We’re also not here to out those celebrities.

Discussing Celebrity Plastic Surgery

What we’d like to do instead is simply use whatever celebrity plastic surgery rumor is going around as a baseline for a discussion of plastic surgery. For example, you may have heard about the rumors circulating around Khloe Kardashian. She has a new show premiering soon, called Revenge Body. The premise of the show is that Khloe has turned into something of a fitness guru.

But there are rumors she’s gotten extensive plastic surgery—mainly, liposuction. This brings up questions about fitness and surgery. Is it possible to be authentically fit while still getting liposuction, is the question.

The answer is as surprising as it is simple: yes.

Fitness and Fat

And that’s mostly because the human body is weird. Looks, let’s say that you spent months or years getting yourself into peak physical condition. You eat right, you exercise regularly (and vigorously). Your body might still stubbornly hang on to some areas of fat. And you might think these areas of fat are unsightly or, at the very least, undermine all of your efforts.

The truth of the matter is that it’s nearly impossible to get rid of these stubborn areas of fat with diet or exercise. Your body just tends to hang on to all that material no matter what you do. So the only way to get rid of that fat is with liposuction. That’s why it not uncommon for liposuction patients to already be quite fit. In fact, many surgeons prefer that liposuction patients are near their ideal weight.

Liposuction for Celebrities

So if indeed Khloe Kardashian got some work done before her new show, she’s in line with millions of other patients who have used liposuction in order to finally get rid of those stubborn areas of fat—and end up with the fantastic and fabulous bodies they always wanted!

Welcome to Our New Blog!

You might be familiar with our main website, Plastic Surgery Articles. At PSA, we offer the world the very latest and greatest plastic surgery news. After all, it’s a field that is constantly changing and always innovating. We gladly enforce the strictest editorial standards at Plastic Surgery Articles to make sure you’re getting the best possible news and information.

What Will We Offer on Our Blog?

So there are going to be certain news items that aren’t really going to be the right fit for our main website at Plastic Surgery Articles. That’s why we’ve started this blog. Here, we’ll feature all the snippets and tidbits that don’t really fit in at our main website. And in doing that, we hope also to start a kind of conversation.

After all, plastic surgery is enormously popular, but not always well understood. It’s one of those things that everyone has an idea about. Everyone thinks they know something about plastic surgery—or about the procedures themselves and why people get them.

This Way Nothing Slips Through the Cracks!

We’re betting there are quite a few plastic surgery stories out there that buck the perceived notions of what plastic surgery really is. The plastic surgery stigma of old would have us believe that all those who get plastic surgery are either shallow, vain, or, perhaps, addicted. But that’s not the reality.

Plastic surgery is a wide ranging field capable of addressing a significant variety of issues and conditions. That’s why plastic surgery is one of those fields that—especially when you include cosmetic procedures—is growing explosively. People use plastic surgery to feel comfortable with their bodies, to address problem areas, to feel good in their own skin.

That’s one of the reasons why plastic surgery is so popular—and continues to be. So if you want to know more about what plastic surgery has to offer and why people are drawn to it, keep your eyes peeled here (or check out our main website). For the full experience, you’ll want to stay tuned to both our blog and our main site!

Either way, welcome. We hope you have an experience that is both entertaining and insightful.